Monday, August 22, 2011


my weekend was spent doing some work in my studio and making the swimming pool birthday cake. it was actually pretty easy to do. just lots of simple steps to follow.

first make the cake from scratch.

let it cool for a day.

the next day, make your butter icing and colour a part of it green. colour some coconut green as well and sprinkle this on the green icing to make the grass for the base of the cake.

cut out a 1 inch deep well in the cake, to make the area the water will go into.
Place the cake onto the grass base.

colour the rest of the butter icing with cocoa and ice the top edge and outside of the cake with the icing and press the chocolate biscuits around the side of the cake, creating the fence.

be sure to make the blue jelly for the water a day before you want to fill the pool.

the butter icing is also used as a glue to make a musk stick and licorice ladder, and some pool toys.

the day the cake is to be served the pool can be filled with the mashed up blue jelly. the small dolls with their custom painted bathers can be set into the jelly in their candy floating rings, and some candy balls placed in the water.

the result is a swimming pool cake that looks great, and even apparently tastes good too.

here is the birthday girl with her cake, happy as.


Jodi Wells said...

Nicely done!!

n_cholewa said...

I like your cake better then the one in the book. Your water looks more inviting!

netty said...

yaaay! it worked out great!!!